My Story

Time for a quick Update!

Because of an injury I had to leave Australia three months earlier and couldn’t enjoy my working holiday journey as planned. I only enjoyed the “Work” part for two months. Back in Germany I got a surgery and after four months I was finally able to walk again!

In June 2016 I started my internship in Brand Management at the Hugo Boss headquarters in Metzingen but that journey was over after 8 months and now I am fully concentrating on getting that GMAT to start a Master in September.

During the last year I had time to travel and intend on travelling a lot again this year.

I will share my past journeys in the meantime, before I can write about new adventures.

Travelling is still my passion, with Fashion and Sports and perhaps I will write about these two other passions once in a while, but not for now.

Love Aline…

There is really not much to say about me, just that I arrived 6 weeks ago with my cousin in Australia for my working holiday journey.

I graduated this year and got a bachelor double degree in International Management. I have the german and french nationality and was brought up in a german-french environment and went to the school systems of both countries.

Most of my time I try to spend it outside, doing sports or taking a walk, even hiking. But I also love those lazy days inside reading or streaming all day long.

Travelling is my passion and Australia is the 6th country I went to this year.

I’ll surely update these informations once in a while.

Love Aline


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