For most of the people I know, home is a warm welcoming place with great memories, generally the house where they grew up.

For a long time, my parents home was my definition of home too. But as I moved out and started my studies and had to moove more and more and my friends were all moving to different cities, countries and continents, the word home changed its definition and I got another perspective of it.

“Perhaps home is not a place but simply an irrevocable condition.”
James Baldwin, Giovanni’s Room

Home became not a place but a feeling.

For some reason I get that very exciting and relaxing feeling everytime I see the skyline of Frankfurt. Even though I never lived in this city, but only in the suburbs, seeing this scenery makes me say “I am home”. Surely it has to do with the fact, that I went for most of my school education to establishments in Frankfurt and therefore, that most of my friends lived there. I attended my first home party there, had my first sip of liquor, my first cigarette, first time going to a club, first crush, first love etc. in Frankfurt.

They say that you have two families: the one from blood and the one you choose…

Well as my friends and loved ones scattered all around the world so did my home. Sure I feel at home whenever I am going back to my mother’s place, my father’s place or even my own room in a shared appartment. But I feel at home at any of my family members’ place or friend’s place. I feel at home at my favorite square in Frankfurt or even in an airport on my way to exciting new places or to visit someone. I feel at home in the embrace of my boyfriend or hearing the laughter of my best friends…

Travelling opens not only your mind or your vision of the world, you become more open for new things and start rethinking basic definitions like “HOME” to make your own definition for it.

For me “HOME” is a feeling of security and love but also of exciting new adventures, new encounters, old friends, but also memories, achieved goals and new milestones.

“Home is people. Not a place. If you go back there after the people are gone, then all you can see is what is not there any more.” Robin Hobb, Fool’s Fate

What is your definition of home? The smell of cookies, your dog jumping and barking when you come back from work? The smile of your children or your boyfriend? Or the funny faces of your friends and family?

Any way I think we can all agree, that home is one of the best feelings or places in the world and there is nothing like it.

Love Aline


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