Brisbane – Southbank

Hi Guys,

here is my post, that I promised you some time ago, about Brisbane – Southbank, one of the most beautiful places I have been, or should I say one of the most beautiful parts of a city I have ever seen. I could really stay a whole day or more just wandering around Southbank, sitting on a bench in the rainforest park or on the greens. Swimming in the free access, open air pool with a sand beach, enjoying the amazing view on the Skyline or taking a ride at sunset on the fairies wheel and enjoying later a cocktail and a delicious meal at one of the many fantastic bars and restaurants.

My cousin and I accessed Southbank via the Goodwill Bridge, as we were in the Botanic Garden before. From the bridge you have a very good paronamic view over the Brisbane river, Southbank and the Brisbane Skyline.


When you arrive on the other side of the bridge, you will be walking above the Queensland Maritime Museum and see an old Marine Ship and a Sailer. We didn’t go inside of the museum as we had a pretty good view from the bridge on most of the boats that were exposed in the outside areal. First we went to the Sommerville House, which is build in the colonial style.

Along the Parklands you can follow a promenade which is boarded by flowerfence. When we were there, the flowers were blooming in bright purple. During night time, the boardwalk is beautifully enlightened, which accentuates even more the color of the flowers.

So we walked along the Arbour walk to Aquativity and were just surprised that these Aqua games and the whole pool were installed for free use for everyone. There are even lifeguards most of the time, depending on the season.

We took an afternoon to enjoy the pool areal with sand beach. It was just wonderful, the air temperature was quite hot and so the cool water was very nice to refresh, while looking at the Brisbane Skyline. For a weekday afternoon it wasn’t too full. Mostly backpackers like us or College sudents, who were relaxing on the beach and just hanging out with friends.

Around the pool areal there are lots of greens and one big in particular is provided with barbecues, as usual for free use and Picknick Tables. There is even a big playground for kids.

If you continue to walk the Clem Jones Promenade towards the QPAC, you won’t come around another Tropical Garden. This one is quite smaller than the Botanical Garden but is still very astonishing with it’s wooden walks. You will see from the boardwalk the Ben&Jerrys Open Air Theatre. The Rainforest Green was build together with the Nepalese Peace Pagoda during the World Exposition from 1988. Next to it on the Promenade you will find an old VW Bus tranformed in a coffee truck and right behind it the famous Brisbane Wheel.


In my next post I will continue talking about Southbank. Precisely what we saw during nighttime, where to find good spots to eat and where to find great cocktails but also how the nightlights of Brisbane look like.

I hope you enjoyed my post and sorry again, that it took me so long to write again on my blog.

Love Aline


2 thoughts on “Brisbane – Southbank

  1. LaFactice says:

    Je n’avais jamais eu le temps de tout lire.
    Les photos à elles seules suffisaient à me faire planer. Mais tu expliques très bien. A quand et où le prochain voyage ? 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Alinette says:

      Hehe…. je m’y remet que maintenant mais si tout va bien je vais à Stella ou à Munich à Paques et je veux encore raconter mon périple à Dubai. Merci du compliment 🙂


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