So as promised here comes my article about Brisbane, which has become one of my favourite cities in the world. In this article I will display the CBD and botanical garden. I’ll post another time about Southbank as it is worth a post on its own.

If you arrive to Brisbane as we did by train, one of the first things you will see is a hostel – Base Backpackers Brisbane Central – in old colonial style. When we were there in October they would show in the bar all the games of the Rugby World Cup. Unfrtunately we didn’t have the opportunity to go on the rooftop bar, but it is planned when we return on January to Brisbane.

We went then straight to King George Square and the Brisbane City Hall via Ann St. What surprised us was the mix between old buildings and skyscrapers, modern sculptures and old statues. You will see the hostel or the Albert Street Uniting Church in between of high skyscrapers out of glass and steel. It makes a beautiful mix. It remembered me a lot of New York where you have a similar concept. Old churches and buildings between hight towers, the legacy of the old days of this magestic city.

We went then down to the Queen St shopping areal where you can find nearly everything from duty free shops, street style shops like forever 21 or Topshop, little tourist shops, all kind of food shops, Hipster stores like Typo, to high end luxury shops at Queen Plaza with Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Salvatore Ferragamo, Tiffany’s etc. You will find something for every budget and style as you will find nearly every Australian brand in the area but also European and American brands with the latest openings of Zara and H&M.

As we wandered through the city without really knowing where we were going, we landed at the beginning of the botanical garden at the crossing of Alice St and Edward St. At first you would think you are in an usual city parc. But after 10 min of walk, you will find yourself in the middle of a tropical rainforest with mangrooves, big trees, bright colored flowers and other plants you wouldn’t suspect finding in a big city like Brisbane (Brisbane and suburbs counts over 2Mio inhabitants and is the capital of Queensland).

At the end or even in the midth of the Botanical Garden, you will find yourself on the campus of the Queenslands Universiy of Technology (QUT). For european students like me, who are used to town universities with no real campus, you will be mesmerized by the size of this one. It has an own Olympic sized indoor pool, fitness center, a food court, theatre, outdoor theatre, different museums and exhibition centers where students can exhibit their work etc. You’ll find at nearly every corner a coffee bus, which gives the campus an american touch.

We left the Campus via George St corner Alice St and passed by the Queensland Parliament, and the Queensland Club. Longing George Street we passed also by Queensland Treasury before ending up again at Queen St but this time corner Treasury Casino.

As I mentioned earlier I will consacrate a whole article to Southbank as there is too much to tell about this area of Brisbane. Just so much in advance, you won’t get enough of it as the view on the Brisbane Skyline is breathtaking and you will need more than a day only for Southbank with it’s art galleries, the QPAC, Museums, free entertainment programs, free swimming areas, barbecue possibilities, bars, restaurants and markets and little boutiques etc. etc. etc.

Brisbane has a very diverse cultural scene and there seems to be every day another cultural highlight in some area of the city, be it an indian market on king George Square with cultural program, ben and jerry’s open air cinema, free yoga classes on Southbank or free open air concerts. brisbane has a lot to offer not only for tourists but also for their inhabitants and you should definitely spend at least two or three days in the city to have a chance to explore it with one of the many bikes that you can rent nearly everywhere.


I hope you enjoyed my description of Brisbane, well only CBD mostly as Southbank will follow later. Thank you for following and reading me.

Love Aline


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