Bribie Island

If you stay in the Brisbane Region, you won’t come around taking a ride to Bribie Island. It is a beautiful island, approximatively 80km long and the only island in Queensland, which is connected by a bridge to the main land. Bribie has the most beautiful and diverse beaches. If you are looking for high waves to surf for example, you should go to the ocean side, as the wind and current are stronger on that side. The sunrise is also to be seen on that side and you have a good view on Moreton Island.

If you prefer calm water, the beaches on the lake side are better suited for you. The beaches are not very big, especially not it is high tide but it is really beautiful and you have a beautiful view on the main land. The sunsets on the lake side are just spectacular. We experienced some and it was definitely worth the wait with the mountains in the background.

The beach on the far south point on Bribie Island, lets you think, that you stranded on some Pacific or Caribbean Island. The sand is white, there are shells all along the way, palm trees and the wind is not as strong as on the Ocean side. You should be careful of the current, as it is also quite strong and before you know, you are a km down the beach. But it is also a great spot to see dolphins as I was told. Unfortunately I didn’t see any, but at the end of my journey, I plan to go back there with my cousin, and hopefully we will have the chance to see some by that time. My uncle told us, he even saw from Bribie whales, out on the ocean. It is also the only dog friendly beach on the island.


When it is low tide you can collect the most beautiful shells and even little corals. The blue circles you will see on the beach are jelly fishes. Most of them are not dangerous, just the ones with the blue strings are to be watched. If their strings touch you in the water it will sting your skin but on the beach they can’t harm you.

All along the lake side and ocean side you will find public toilets and showers that are free to use. Also you will find a high amount of playgrounds, gym machines and barbecue spots that are also free to use. The barbecue spots are cleaned every morning and the people using them also clean them after use. I can only advice you to take advantage of them and organize a picnic with your friends, family or your boyfriend and enjoy the seaside or sunset. These barbecue facilities are not only to be found on Bribie Island but also in Brisbane when you go to Southbank and practically all the long the coasts of Queensland, New South Wales and the other states of Australia. The Australian love their barbecues and the states figured out, that building safe barbecues which are maintained regularly, is safer than having everyone bring their own grill and risk a fire.

I hope you will enjoy the pictures I took from Bribie; I was mesmerized by the beauty of this Island, which is mostly a National Park. I already took off to Biloela, to continue my backpacking journey but before I will report from my outback experience, there are still posts about Nooza, Caloundra and of course Brisbane to come.

Thank you for following me and reading my posts.

Love Aline


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