Oldtimer Show at Bribie Island

Dear Readers,

so I just figured, that the text, that I tiped over a year ago for this post just seems to have vanished, including all the wonderful pictures I put in this post….

I will try to edit this, the way I did it in October 2015, but not quite sure if I remember every detail, which is a shame.

View on the parc and ocean

OldtimerLanding Stage Sandstone Point

So the Oldtimer Show took place on our first real day in Australia (not the day we landed at 6am feeling like it was 10pm and after a total of 27h travelling being so jetlagged that we fell asleep at 3pm). I don’t know if you have some magical tricks for jetlag, but if you do, I would be more than pleased if you could share your recipe with me! My body and mind take ages to get back to a normal, local rythm.

Nice Tree decoration

But jetlag wasn’t what I wanted to talk about! So the Oldtimer Show took place at the Sandstone Point Hotel, that has the most amazing view over Bribie Island. The setting was just perfect to be amazed right away by Australia’s beautiful nature. Sunglasses were very much needed as the sunlight is so bright in Australia, very different from the sunlight in Europe. Around the Hotel is this huge grass area, that is used for different kind of music festivals, Rodeos, fairs and oldtimer shows in this case. The hotel opened only months before we arrived but was already quite successful and as much enjoyed by the locals as the tourists.

Herbie?CadillacWhite Chrysler

The main theme of the Oldtimer Show were cars from the 1930s to the 1970s, mostly from the brands Volkswagen, Cadillac and Chevrolet. Of course a looot of old Beetles (my personal favorites) were displayed but also quite a range of Ford Mustangs and Cadillacs just like in the old movies. My father would have been thrilled by the selection of old Volkswagen busses, that cost nowadays a fortune, even though they are quite old.


Apart from the magnificent view on Bribie Island and the Oldtimer Show, the Sandstone Point Hotel with its different Bars and Restaurants is quite worth a visit. You can also find a club and casino in the basement, but I didn’t take a look at it. From the Restaurant’s Terrasse you have a very good view over Bribie Island and the Ocean. What I adored about that restaurant were the shelves you could find now and there, stacked with fresh herbs to accomodate your dish as you please. They displayed also a wide range of grills where you could see how your meet was getting grilled (Australian’s love their barbecues).

Guitar BarGuitar Bar

One of the two bars we saw was decorated in a rocker way, electric guitars hanging all over on the walls and light bulbs in differenth shapes and sizes hanging from the ceiling. The second bar had mor of a surfer touch, cords and ankers hanging of the ceiling, as well as lightbulbs. The wall behind the bar contained shelves not only full with glasses and liquors but also green plants and a surf board. But what I found was the attraction of the hotel, was the decoration of a big tree near the terrasse. In the tree you could see different kinds of old buoys which I found was very creative and funny.

BarCreative tree decoration

Another highlight of the Hotel is the Oysters Shed, that opened a couple of months after we went there. It is in a small house right next to the floating passage, that belongs to the hotel. For more information and amazing pictures of festivals, food, book a table or look at the concert scheduling you should visit their Instagram account or website, apparently they also host weddings on a regular basis.

You should definitely take a look at it, while visiting Bribie Island, I most definitely will be goig back there, next time I travel to Australia’s east coast.

I hope you enjoyed the post and pictures!

Love Aline…



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