Flight KE 906 / Flight KE 123 Korean Air

My adventure began on the 8th of October 2015 as we took (my cousin travels with me) at 19:40 the flight KE 906 from Frankfurt am Main (Germany) to Seoul/Incheon (South Korea). We arrived at 13:05 local time and were first of all really tired as it still was 06:00 am for us. But at the sight of the Terminal we arrived at Seoul/Incheon, our minds were quickly awake.


Sweatshirt: Forever 21 Jeans: Hollister Button Up: Jennifer Backpack: Eastpack Sneakers: Nike

For those of you who never were at Seoul International Airport, it is a very bright and big building made entirely out of glass and steel. The light comes in from every side of the terminal and has big alleys with all the luxury stores you can wish for, from Louis Vuitton to Burberry, Hermes, MCM, Tiffany’s etc. But there are also Snacks, Fast Foods and Restaurants with food from a wide range of countries.

Princess and Prince Parade

As we flew with Korean Air, we had the right to go to their “Relax” Area were many sofas were disposed, even for the economy travellers, so they could take a rest, charge their phones, have access to computers and internet, and most importantly free wifi, which is accessible in the whole terminal.

While we were discovering the terminal, we bumped in the middle of a parade, with ancient korean costumes. The Culture Center of the Airport has several of these parades organized per day, displaying the costumes from the Korean Monarchy. We were told that Art and History Students did these parades in order to show their culture to tourists. The Culture Center offered also several workshops and information about South Korea and thelocal culture while your transit in the aiport.

Gangnam Style

Healthy Lunch  Bon Appetit from Seoul

At 19:20 local time we boarded our next flight to Brisbane. After nine and a half hours, more or less, several turbulences, another great dinner (Korean Style) and an unusual continental breakfast later, we arrived safely in Brisbane. The last two hours before we landed we witnessed the most beautiful sunrise over the Australian continent, just in time to welcome us in this beautiful country.

As we didn’t sleep during our second flight we were exhausted arriving in the airport and desperate to get to our uncle’s, but unfortunately the security check, passport check and even drug control took us another two hours so that we only arrived in the arrival hall around 9:00am local time.

I can only recommend you to book a Korean Air flight as we had a real good flight, food andservice. Just be careful to watch out when the flight attendants come around with coffe, tea or other beverages as they walk very fast and you are very likely to miss them when you watch a movie (the movie selection being very good). Sure you will first need to get used to the habits of some of your fellow korean passengers, as they tend to kick off their shoes (and socks!) and put them on your armrest (true story), but as soon as they are asleep or dinner is served they forget about putting their feet back on and you can relax about the feet problem (and smell).

That would be all about my flight experience. In a next post I will explain to you what documents you should get before flying to Australia on a working holiday and what you are and are not allowed to import on the Australian territory.

I hope you enjoyed it.

Love Aline   

Sunrise     Sunrise over Australia  

Korean Air


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